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Weekly Prompt Reminder!

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I meant to send this out last night, but alas, rushing has started so I’ve been a bit preoccupied. So here is your weekly prompt reminder!

If you forgot the prompt from last week, here it is: “We go out after dark…”

Submissions are due by 6pm CST, TONIGHT! Let’s get some participation!

Remember it can be writing, photography, art, song… ANYTHING.

Post a link to the submission in a comment on THIS post, or the original prompt which can be found here.

Please read over the rules before submitting… rules can be found HERE.

Enjoy! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Note: If you do not have a wordpress blog, a link to a tumblr, blogspot, blogger or any other blog site can be posted as well!)

*All prompts are taken from A Writer’s Book of Days by Judy Reeves


One thought on “Weekly Prompt Reminder!

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